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Creating Bootable ISO from macOS Installer

If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter. — George Washington. Hi guys, I’ve been in a situation on where I want to create a separate portable macOS Mojave 1 installer but I don’t know how. I’ve compiled this steps which I gathered from multiple sources to create a boot-able macOS installer. This article will assume you are running on macOS system. First and foremost, we download the macOS installer that we want to use from the Apple App Store. I pick the latest one (at this time of writing) which is Mojave. After that export an environment variable to hold the output ISO filename that we will be consuming. export ISO_PATH = "mac_installer.iso" Then we create a blank dmg volume using the command hdiutil 2 . This command will create a HFS+J filesystem table to store the installer data with the capacity of 6GB. hdiutil create -o " $ISO_PATH .cdr" -size 6g -layout SPUD -fs HFS+J`

Running Seeds After Edeliver Deploy

Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals. — E. James Rohn. Hi guys, after deploying your application to production or staging server, have you ever wondered on how you can import your seed data. This post is specifically targeted to elixir web apps only. Assuming you haven’t already started the migration process and migrated all the tables. Go to the built edeliver release folder and run ./bin/my_app_name remote_console to access iex console for this web OTP (Open Telecom Platform) app. When you’re inside the iex console, enter this command: :code.priv_dir ( :my_app_name ) | > Path.join ( "repo/seeds.exs" ) | > Code.require_file ( ) The command above will be evaluated by the console interpreter and run the seeds file. This would access the file from priv directory and execute seeds.exs . After that, check your database if all the migrations has been executed. That’s

Fixing GTK Dark Themes on Firefox

The world is a comedy to those that think; a tragedy to those that feel. — Horace Walpole. Hi guys, if your using Linux and run Firefox 1 . One thing you will notice on Firefox when on a dark themed GTK 2 based environment in Linux is the HTML content would adapt to the theme color. And for some reason I don’t know why Firefox still doesn’t fix this stuff. Here is the link related to the issue: UPDATE: Seems this problem has been fixed in Version 67 of Firefox. Here is the workaround for it: Open about:config inside Firefox. You should type this in the URL bar. Right click on the content and click New > String with key widget.content.gtk-theme-override and value Arc-Darker . Restart Firefox. The steps above would set Firefox content to adapt to white based theme while retaining chroma theme dark. You could also use Adwaita as value. So guys, have you ever encountered this bug specifically in Gnome 3 while us

How To Earn Passive Income (Asian Version)

It’s how you deal with failure that determines how you achieve success. — David Feherty. Hi guys, working 9-5 jobs is hard especially if its your only source of income. And almost every time, its not enough. So here, will list down what are the best way to earn passive income (the Asian version). What are the ways for a better future? Here are the ways to make passive income even if you have 9-to-5 job. I know its never easy, and never will so we must’ve strive harder and think of more ways to earn. Creating a mobile app Making mobile app and deploying it to app store or play store can earn you passive income. Believe me there are ways, first is running mobile ads to your app. Another way is selling premium features of your app, but one thing is for sure — once the app’s deployed it will be like a cash cow sending you money. Spreading affiliate links Spreading links across the internet with your affiliate url is one way to earn money. By spreading your af