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Travelling To Hong-Kong

Dare to live the life you’ve always wanted. — Anonymous. I’ve recently visited Hong Kong, and it always feels like the first time. I’m always amaze on how fast things change and to new places I’ve never been to. Me and my girlfriend planned this trip for almost 2 months, as this is her first air flight. On the 4th of December, we book a grab car around 4AM straight to Manila International Airport. As we got off the departure bay, we see a long queued line going in the airport terminal entrance. Hahaha always Manila… facepalm an hour and half has passed then got through security checkpoint to check-in lounge, another queue line to get our boarding pass. This is not a rant but rather a straight face story telling. Even though after that long tiresome waiting, we didn’t let that event affect our mood and excitement flying to Hong Kong. We got our boarding pass wew , and set of to immigration counter. I’m kinda worried that time, if my girlfriend would pass the

As We Roam Hong-Kong

I decided to fly through the air and live in the sunlight and enjoy life as much as I could. — Evel Knievel. I never knew traveling was something I would really want, but here I am craving for it. This is a continuation of my travel to Hong Kong this December, check out the first article here . We stayed in a place called Li Cheng Guesthouse in the district of Tsim Sham Tsui. I must say the place is clean and well organized, the room was a bit small but for me its good enough. After resting for a bit, me and my girlfriend went to a nearby exchange then roamed few districts riding MTR. The ride was a breeze compared to when riding railways in Philippines. Our first destination was Sham Shui Po, what we did check is the Golden Computer Arcade to check game consoles. I was tempted to buy a Nintendo Switch there as prices is much more cheap compared to large retailers. Next, we traveled in Central to ride trams (quick fact: trams in hong kong first operated in 1

DevOps Series - Multiple AWS CLI Accounts

Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days. — Zig Ziglar. Hi guys as a Dev Ops, I handle multiple project all at once. One problem I encountered is managing multiple AWS accounts for different startups. So how to handle multiple AWS account? Prerequisites Before you start doing this I assume you already know basic command line interface whether its for Windows or from *Nix (Linux, macOS, Unix) derivatives. And also you must have a python interpreter with at least version 3 above. Multiple, Multiple to the Nth First, if you haven’t got the AWS CLI (Command Line Interface) install it using the command pip install --upgrade --user awscli . The command will install the awscli package in your local python dist directory. And now we begin. You’ll need to generate first your AWS keys and secret access key. Here are the steps. Go to IAM Console Go to Users in the navigation pane and select your IAM username. Selec

Going Out Of Town

Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return. — Leonardo da Vinci. Hi guys, this log is more of a personal blog diary about my life. So here’s what happened, I left my daughter in my relatives place as I was going out of town…​ I slept around 2-3am yesterday and woke up by my dog around 10am, as she started licking my face. By the way my dog’s name was Lexus, named after a luxurious car brand. For me Lexus is like my own child, she’s the type of dog that is always lively and sometimes I think she has ADHD — always in constant need of attention. Its the first time I’m not gonna be around her for around a week. Actually I’m quite a bit concerned on what her situation, even though she’s staying at my relatives house. At 11am, I feed her with food and also took my meal. After that, I started packing my things going back to my place. I tried to take a na

Editor Series - Configuring Emacs To Fit The Needs Part 2

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking. — Albert Einstein. As the title says, to fit the needs. Currently, I’m looking into handling multiple projects but vast differ in programming paradigm and language. Some of the language that I’ll probably tackling are Go, Rust, Ruby, Perl, C++, JavaScript, Typescript, and etc. Prerequisites First of all, you need Emacs 26 and up as this is the main topic of this article that we need to configure. There are many ways to install it on your system, kindly check your GNU/Linux distribution for specific ways to install it. Packages, Oh For The Brave If its your first time configuring Emacs, then head out first to my first article here . After that, we will establish all the needed packages. Diminish, Bind and Org The package diminish will remove any mode in status bar, while the bind will map the keys to a specific lisp function. And not to forgot

Editor Series - Configuring Emacs To Fit The Needs Part 1

Doing what needs to be done may not make you happy, but it will make you great. — George Bernard Shaw. Hi guys in this blog post, I’ll let you take a peek into my daily driver in terms of software development. Before I was an avid Vim 1 user and configured Vim to its full potential, creating plugins and custom configuration but there are things which Vim couldn’t handle still. Things like handling long lines, on which when I transferred to Emacs 2 didn’t occur. Been waiting for it to get implemented in Vim and Neovim 3 , but still none. Prerequisites First of all, you need Emacs 26 and up as this is the main topic of this article that we need to configure. There are many ways to install it on your system, kindly check your GNU/Linux distribution for specific ways to install it. Configuring the beast As a software developer, I’ve spent on average an entire day to configure my text editor. Because its the life and blood of software development, without text

Solidity Series - Building Your First Hello World

Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment. — Lao Tzu. Hi guys, it’s the start of decentralization age but how to start programming on decentralize environment? Ethereum 1 , considered as second wave of blockchain innovation. The pioneer and first blockchain ecosystem to implement and handle smart contracts. So how do you start developing system and application DApps (Decentralize Apps) in it? The answer is “Solidity” — a programming language that interface EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) and your app. Prerequisites In this tutorial we assume you have some basic knowledge in programming. The main requirements in developing a blockchain app is first its compiler then the secondary requirements but optional are the bootstrap framework like truffle. Node 10 and above Building Hello World To start the development, we must get the required dependency in developing a structured smart contract project. The tool and framework that we will be

Flutter Series - Custom Icons

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. — Leo Tolstoy. Hi guys, we have custom free icons for everyone! Just joking I’m not the one giving. Joking aside, as I began learning Flutter to develop new apps. I began to wonder, how can I beautify it to almost match the wire frame I’m copying. There are several things to consider, getting exact dimensions and well crafted image and icons. For today’s TIL (Today I Learned), we will get deeper on how to add custom icons to flutter development environment as well use it in app. To icon or not to icon? Manually creating icons from scratch, seems to be a bit daunting. But do not worry as there are tools to create this automatically already. Meet fluttericon ! Just like a father introducing his son to everyone. Anyways, to create your first set of icons follow the steps below. First is go to FlutterIcon site. Create your own set of icons from the different sources or uplo

Flutter Series - Creating Your First Hello World

When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine! — Anonymous. Hi guys, have you ever dream of building your own app, but think its too hard. Why don’t you try flutter…​ Flutter is a new way to build multi-platform app which is currently backed and develop by Google. Its often compared to react native, but the difference is performance. React Native runs on JavaScript bridge while Flutter on dart bridge. What dart bridge does best is AOT (ahead of time) compiling to native ARM code. Prerequisites First of all you need flutter, just follow the steps below in order to run install it. Flutter 1.0 Building Hello World First we will install flutter, depending on your operating system you could find the details on how to install flutter here . On arch Linux you could find it on AUR repository. After installing the flutter package. Run flutter doctor to check for any dependency error. And now we begin, to start a flutter project you need to type in flutte

Beautifully Design PDF Using CSS3 and AsciiDoctor

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. — Eleanor Roosevelt. Hi guys, are you planning to create e-book but don’t know what tools you’ll be using? In this day of age, no one will stop you building your own e-book not even publishing house. With the increasing tool set that will make publishing easy, you can now with open source tools. In this article we will be discussing on how to make a beautifully designed PDF using CSS3 and ASCII Doctor. So how do we do that? Creating the Workflow After searching through all the internet, we found multiple clues on how big publishing house produces ebooks using AsciiDoctor and HTML5. Unfortunately, most of them are using proprietary tools like PrinceXML and Antenna House to create beautiful and well design PDF outputs. But don’t lose hope, as we got you covered in this how to. First, you may need to setup your workstation in order to produce beautiful rich PDF. You need of course asciidoct

Automating HTML5 Generation With AsciiDoctor

Better to die fighting for freedom then be a prisoner all the days of your life. — Bob Marley. Hi guys, if your a documentation nerd or somewhat planning to create content for publishing, surely you will encounter ASCII Doc . ASCII Doc is being use by different publishing giants like O’reilly to create books and content. One problem I encountered is generating HTML documents from asciidoc format. So how do I automate it? Prerequisites Ruby 2.5 and above So how do we render HTML5 from ASCII Doc? We proceed by getting all the required gems. The first step is get the file watcher to watch for changes. gem install asciidoctor guard guard-shell guard-livereload yajl-ruby The livereload gem watch changes in the file system. Also, you may need to install companion browser extension . After the installation of Chrome Extension, you need to check "Allow access to file URLs " checkbox in More Tools > Extensions > Live Reload Details in order f

Creating A Browseable Virtual File Archive In Linux

The secret to happiness is freedom…​ And the secret to freedom is courage. — Thucydides. Hi guys, in Linux there are many ways to create a virtual file archive. What we will be using is the most primitive way to create a virtual file archive using Linux built in tool set. Prerequisites The tooling that we will be using is already built in Linux. To be transparent what I’m currently using is Arch Linux. dd losetup mount So what do we do now? Create the file that will be using as file archive. dd if = /dev/zero of = gem.bin bs = 1024 count = 0 seek = 1G Setup a loop block device to handle input/output (emulating physical drives). losetup /dev/loop0 gem.bin Create the mountable directory. mkdir -p /mnt/vfa Mount the loop block device to the mountable directory. mount -t ext3 /dev/loop0 /mnt/vfa So guys, if you like this article hit like and subscribe. Hope you guys, enjoyed this article and as always live life!

Changing XDG Open Default Applications

Be free, and live life fully. — Caroline Shaw. XDG ( ) which stands for X Desktop Group is a group which develop the X11 and xdg utilities which currently runs as barebones of linux desktop. So how do we configure XDG? Tools that we will be using to configure xdg can be found in xdg-utils package (utilities like xdg-settings and xdg-mime ). So to set the default application to open a certain mime type, you need run the code below: xdg-mime default Thunar.desktop inode/directory The command above would add the new mime application settings to ~/.local/share/applications/defaults.list . It basically tells xdg-mime to open a directory using Thunar (XFCE filemanager).

Let's Explore!

Let’s find some beautiful place and get lost. — Me. It’s 04:03 Tuesday, and I’m starting this blog. There are a lot of things currently bothering my mind, and sometimes I’m thinking of what the future will look like. Waiting till 10:00 to get onto my work and start doing some stuffs. I’ve been a senior software engineer for quite a long time and somewhat I’m in the midst of internal debate whether this type of work makes me happy. I want to work for myself and earn of what I can do, create and live on things I like. So today, I’m saying I need to go and get what makes me happy. I don’t wanna grow old and regret a lot of things, go up the ladder and show them what you can do.

Installing mysql2 Ruby Gem in macOS Mojave

Tradition lives because young people come along who catch its romance and add new glories to it. — Michael Novak. Hi guys, this is a common problem for people who uses macOS to develop Ruby 1 based apps that utilized MySQL 2 data store. I’ve personally encountered this problem myself back in the days and still encountering this on brand new setup macOS workstation. We will go through the steps I did to resolved this problem. Prerequisites We assume here you have some basic knowledge on setting up Ruby and command line tools on macOS. Ruby (Latest) Bundler 3 (Latest) Homebrew 4 (Installed and no problems, run and check brew doctor for more info and if the installation is okay ) What did I do to solve the problem? Here’s what I’ve done to resolve the problem. First is to install openssl or gnutls (choose your poison). Both are great have some pros and cons but most people would use openssl and that’s what I preferred. brew install openssl Then we point

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